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New North-South high quality express trains

Vietnam Railways has just launched two high-quality express trains SE3 / SE4 and SE5 / SE6 running the Saigon-Hanoi route.

High quality Vietnam express trains

21h15 the first passengers to experience the new train began to board.


North-South Vietnam train

Staff on the train carefully prepared each detail in the cabin.


Soft seat Vietnam train

New generation carriages, made of high-grade materials. The train has four carriages with 56 chairs per carriage.


4-berth Vietnam train

Bedside tables are equipped with an integrated reading light that charges your phone via USB.


Canteen Vietnam train

The canteen is located in the middle of the train to accommodate passengers from both ends.


Prepare food on Vietnam train

Checked food on board is safe and hygienic.


Kitchen on Vietnam train

The on-board kitchen is modern and can be deployed to meet the standards of the aviation industry to passengers.


Meals on Vietnam train

Each meal will have many menus for passengers to choose from: chicken stock, basa fish, meat, pepper …; Breakfast with dumplings, fried noodles. The fares on these 5-star train lines are unchanged from the normal North-South train fare.


4-berth cabin on Vietnam train

Not only the interior is improved, the hull is also better soundproofed to prevent noise, the axle system and car body damping is also improved to limit vibration on the arc.


Toilet on Vietnam train

Toilet air conditioner, septic toilet in accordance with the principle of operation of the US Microphor system, waste treatment system to ensure environmental sanitation standards.


Train staff on Vietnam train

On 10th Jan 2018, the Vietnam Railway Corporation put 4 new express trains from Saigon to Hanoi to build the third generation to operate on the Thong Nhat railway.


Hanoi Railway Station at night

22h00 train SE3 was ordered to depart, expected the train will be present at the station on the morning of 13/1 and return to Hanoi with the code SE4 on the 30-hour journey.