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Trains in Vietnam

Types of Vietnamese Trains

The trains in Vietnam are known by their prefix. The most famous prefixes you can encounter are SE, SP, TN, and 5-star. A number follows after the prefix. Most specifically, an odd number indicates that the train will run in one direction while an even number signifies that that will run the other...
Vietnamese trains

The Major Classes on Vietnamese Trains

The various classes of Vietnamese trains are soft sleepers, hard sleepers, soft seats, and hard seats.  They are put in order according to price, with soft sleepers as the most expensive.   Most tourists opt to journey in a soft sleeper because of the comfort it brings. The 4 berths that...
Train in Vietnam

Benefits of Traveling by Train in Vietnam

The Vietnamese trains are comparatively inexpensive, comfortable, and charming. If you like to see more of the country, taking the train in Vietnam is advisable because it is a great mode of transport that can let you see the natural gifts of Vietnam. While traveling, you can relax and see the...

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